My name is Carissa Di Gangi and this is my recipe blog.  While I have delivered delicious eats from kitchen to table at restaurants in Ottawa and Kingston, mostly I make my own food from scratch – so I know what I’m eating, and so I can eat well for cheap.  I tend towards healthy meals, unhealthy desserts, and affordable ingredients. 

Fast facts:

  • I’m distractable with a good eye for detail.  As a result, I find between 20 and 200 four-leafed clovers every summer, probably while you’re talking to me.
  • My Favourite Thing is the lemon tree I grew from seed seven years ago.  It has 22 26 40 47 53 63 87 too many leaves to count, six branches, two-inch thorns, and loves a south-facing window.
  • Dave & I have traded our treehouse in Toronto’s west end for a more spacious apartment in the east.  We’re further from Parkdale’s trendy tempting restaurants, and we lost the lake view, but gained a barbeque, a dining room, and enough space to justify more books & bakeware.  You should probably come over for dinner.
  • Grad school was great training for reading  on the regular, but now I get to read whatever I want. In 2014, that was 156 books via print book, ebook and e-audiobook. (2013 was 162, though — I’m slipping.) Thank goodness for the library. Highlights reads so far from 2015: Leslie Jamison’s “The Empathy Exams,” Kim Thuy’s “Mãn,” and Elena Ferrante’s “Troubling Love.”


  • You used to be able to find my child self’s book reviews on Amazon.com (circa 1997 – I was an early adopter), but that comedic goldmine now only exists in the screen captures of my kindest friends.  Such a loss.
  • View the Vibe called me a Toronto Tastemaker!  You can read the interview here.

Be in touch!  I’d love to hear from you.

carissa [dot] di [dot] gangi @ gmail [dot] com


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  1. So excited to read this:) Love every inch of it (and you) xo

  2. Hurray! This blog makes me happy :)

  3. I have just discovered this blog. Just now. While stalking your Facebook.

  4. Hi,
    We’ve started up an all-Canadian recipe website called Recipes.ca! Please consider signing up as a member! We’d love your voice!

    Maria, Recipes.ca
    Editorial Consultant

  5. I was just snooping through the soup section as I feel it’s the season for making a kick ass soup. As always, your blog did not disappoint! I think I’m going to make the gnoochi gone wrong soup and take your suggestion on substituting the gnoochi for some pan fried squash that’s in season. Thanks Carissa!!

  6. Carissa,
    this is amazing!!! I just love it!! good for you! I love the recipes, your creativity and how you talk about yourself, your lives, it’s very thoughtful and unique!! I will miss having you both in the building but definitely plan on staying in touch!

  7. What an amazing secret super power you have!

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