A Year in Review

Would you believe it?  One Wooden Spoon is one year old today.  Instead of posting about something new, let me try something new – a list of my favourite recipes from the past year, straight from the archives.  But first: here are your favourites, by number of page views.

Top 10 posts in the last 12 months:

  1. Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
  2. Chocolate Chip Nutella Candy Cane Cookies
  3. Muffins-Gone-Wrong Bread Pudding
  4. Pear Ginger Cake
  5. Baked Quinoa Patties
  6. Lemon Ginger Muffins
  7. Slow-roasted Grape Tomatoes
  8. Beet-Carrot-Ginger Soup
  9. Cornmeal Muffins
  10. Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

My favourites from the last twelve months, by occasion:

Best Brunch – Weekend company, come by more often.

Comfort Food – Cozy, feel-good eats.

Grab & Go – Stress-free tupperware travel.

Health Kick – Because eating healthily should be delicious.

When I’m Sick – Better already. 

Wine & Cheese – Dressed up small-bite eats.

Pot Luck – Large yield, affordable ingredients, travels well, serves at room temperature, tastes delicious.

Impress – Favourites with a wow factor.

Essential Extras – They make every occasion better (well… except dessert).

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