Pear Ginger Cake

I appreciate that this is out of season – fall better suits this particular cake.  But when you love something, and it’s spring, and bosc pears go on sale – you don’t get nostalgic for autumn.  You make this cake.  Who cooks exclusively seasonally anyway?  I don’t even want willpower that strong.

This is my kind of cake – simple to throw together, mellow flavours, & almost 50% fruit (which makes it easier to justify as on-the-run breakfast food).  It’s unfussy, too – no ground almonds?  Dust the pan with flour.  No butter?  Swap for margarine.  No fresh ginger?  Substitute dried or omit altogether.  No icing sugar?  Who needs it anyway.  If presentation is important, then you probably won’t store your cake in tinfoil like I do in the first place, but in case you’re debating, I can save you the surprise: no matter how gorgeous it is when you package it up, this cake will unwrap unbeautiful.  The taste profile, happily, remains the delicious same.

Pear Ginger Cake

from Fresh


2 tbsp unsalted butter, divided
1/2 cup ground almonds, divided
3 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 3/4 cup sugar
2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
3-5 bosc pears, cored & sliced lengthwise
icing sugar (optional)
1/4 cup almonds, chopped (optional)


1.  With 1 tbsp butter, grease an 8-inch springform pan (or what you have).  Use half the ground almonds to coat the buttered pan.

2.  In a large bowl, mix eggs, milk, sugar, flour, baking powder & ginger.  Gently fold in pears.

3.  Spoon batter into prepared pan; top with remaining ground almonds (and chopped almonds, if using); dot with remaining butter.  Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour & 15 minutes, or until cooked through.  Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar.

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